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C.S. Lewis - Biography - IMDb C.S. Lewis was born in 1898 and brought up in a very strict, religious household. While he was quite young, his mother died of cancer but the "stiff upper lip" in favour at the time meant he wasn't allowed to grieve. C. S. Lewis Quotes - BrainyQuote

15 Pieces of Writing Advice from C. S. Lewis Sources: Numbers 10-14: C. S. Lewis letter to Joan Lancaster (June 26, 1956), a young American girl who had written to him for advice on writing. Number 15: C. S. Lewis letter to Cynthia Donnelly (August 14, 1954). How can the writing style of C.S. Lewis be described? - Quora Answer Wiki. There is a certain pattern he has when he answers his own questions. First, he will use his own personal parlance to answer the difficulty, as if he’s talking to a peer of his. Which would be someone with a PhD. Then he’ll answer it again using slightly dumbed down language. Sort of Undergrad level. Then he’ll repeat it in complete layman’s terms. C.S. Lewis style of writing books? - CS Lewis always had two important rules to follow that created his style: First, figure out exactly what he wanted to say in each individual sentence. Second, make sure he is saying exactly that.

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On June 26, 1956, C.S. Lewis replied to letter from an American girl named Joan with advice on writing: Always try to use the language... The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce book. Read 4,694 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis's classic vision of the Af... Spirit (Leona Lewis album) - Wikipedia

C. S. Lewis research collection at The Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College; BBC Radio 4 – Great Lives – Suzannah Lipscomb on CS Lewis – 3 January 2017 Step though the wardrobe on Great Lives as CS Lewis – creator of the Narnia Chronicles – is this week's choice; C. S. Lewis at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database

I don't know. You've been cheated. Chesterton is the most unjustly neglected writer of our time. Perhaps it is proof that education is too important to be left to educators and that publishing is too important to be left to publishers, but there is no excuse why Chesterton is no longer taught in our schools and why his writing is not more widely reprinted and especially included in college ...

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Shadowlands Quotes This emotionally moving romantic drama was adapted by William Nicholson from his own acclaimed play, based upon the real-life romance (during the 1950s) between the British writer C.S. Lewis and a divorced American poet named Joy Gresham. The Movie Date That Solidified J.R.R. Tolkien's Dislike of ... The Movie Date That Solidified J.R.R. Tolkien's Dislike of Walt Disney He went to see "Snow White" with C.S. Lewis. Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis | Scholastic Only Caspian and the rulers of Old Narnia, with the help of the great Aslan, can liberate Narnia and make it safe for its rightful inhabitants.
Prince Caspian was the second book written by C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia series, but it is considered to be the fourth in the series by those wishing to read the books in ...

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Clive Staples Lewis Poems - Poem Hunter - Quotes - Poetry Clive Staples Lewis, commonly referred to as C. S. Lewis and known to his friends and family as "Jack", was a novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian and Christian apologist from Belfast, Ireland. He is known for both his fictional work, especially The ... 5 Awesome Fantasy Series Inspired By C.S. Lewis' 'The ...

Why C.S. Lewis Never Goes Out of Style - The Atlantic Why C.S. Lewis Never Goes Out of Style. The English-born writer spent his final hours in Los Angeles, high on LSD. His wife, Laura, administered the psychedelic drug during the writer's final day battling cancer, honoring his wishes to prepare for death like the characters in his novels Eyeless in Gaza and Island. 15 Pieces of Writing Advice from C. S. Lewis In his letters and other sources, C. S. Lewis left various bits of advice on the craft of writing. Below are 15 of the things he said. The bold is my restatement, followed by his actual quote. 1. Avoid distractions. “Turn off the Radio.” 2. Read all the good books you can. “Read all the good ... C. S. Lewis Writing Styles in The Great Divorce -